Business Communication Skills

The use of communication in business differs from the way it is used in personal affairs. The approach to verbal, written and non-verbal communication differs across levels too. Whether you are interacting with your peers or senior leadership or varied clientele, structuring and articulating your communication gets you places. This course is designed to help you build your communication capacities in all forms so that you have a confident and well-rounded approach to interacting with people you come in contact with.

English Language Skills

The English language can be challenging to use in your interactions when you have limited exposure to the language or if you have been comfortable using your regional language other than English. If you intend to improve your English language skills for work, study, be able to interact socially or businesswise, this course will equip you with tools, phrases, pronunciation techniques to enhance your communication in every sphere. At the end of the course, you will be able to put your skills learnt to practice on a daily basis and make a conscious effort to bring variety in your communication.

Accent Neutralization and Reduction

Many businesses have today gone global and many commercial centres based internationally outsource job roles that create a lot of market opportunities for people across different countries. This calls for a need to interact with a global audience keeping the language and cultural elements in mind. The fundamental highlight of an accent neutralization course is to enhance proficiency in English language and comprehend clients across different continents.

Voice and Accent - US, UK and ANZ

Your voice is not only meant to convey a message -- it says a lot more about you. People make judgments based on the way communications occur. In a nutshell, your professional success depends a lot on the way you communicate. Businesses today are expanding their global reach and creating opportunities to interact with a global clientele. The Voice and Accent workshop equip one to comprehend language patterns and ensure seamless communication.

Voice Coaching and Call Monitoring

Do you desire to inspire people through your voice? Your voice is a tool that needs to be structured and nurturedto help you interact in different surroundings with different people. Our voice coaching and call monitoring workshop enable you to build character in your voice, enhance your potential as a star communicator and help you understand the importance of your voice through conscious realizations. You will be able to communicate with flair and bring originality.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotions play a very vital role in our interactions with people. Our emotions interfere and influence our communication styles to either inspire people or threaten them away. The key to managing emotions is through balance and heightened self – awareness. This workshop helps you focus on multiple dimensions of yourself and relationships through practice and continuous implementation.

Personal Grooming: The art of looking smart

First impressions make or break the deal.In the corporate world or otherwise, people around us create a lot of perceptions based on the way we present ourselves. This is especially evident in the corporate sector where we spend most of our time contributing to our goals and working with peers and clients. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to be aware of how we groom ourselves so that it helps us enhance confidence, gain support in our endeavours and climb the corporate ladder.

Learning the Art of People Management

Managing people requires skills. Successful people are those who are able to manage their relationships with ease. People Management involves leading, inspiring and encouraging growth and performance. This course enables you to understand that while it is important to manage projects, it is equally crucial to managing people. They may be your managers, internal stakeholders, clients, team members or subordinates.

Stakeholder Management

A key element in the success of an organization’s objectives is effective stakeholder management. This involves meeting the stakeholder’s needs, wants and business goals. It is imperative at the outset to identify your key stakeholders and establish a strong business partnership. This course will equip you with strong business skills to enhance your ability to manage stakeholders across the globe.

Assertiveness - The Art of Being Tactful

If you want to be able to confidently say “No” to unrealistic demands, make your impact in a meeting or conference, inform someone of their less than appropriate behaviour, then this course is meant for you. Building assertiveness takes practice. Through this course, you will be able to learn how to be able to use your words carefully to get what you want, deal with people with different opinions and approach. You will be able to use tact in your communication style to create win-win situations.

Handling Interviews and Group Discussions

Interviews can be nerve-jangling! To crack an interview for a dream job is the greatest euphoria once can experience. Most of the interviews are subject to multiple rounds of discussion to assess your skills and internal abilities to fit the organization’s culture. This course strengthens your confidence to cruise through interviews, prepare you to manage difficult questions and structure your communication and presentation skills.

Winning Team Culture

The culture of an organisation is highly dependent on its leadership skills and people’s ability to work in teams successfully. Every project brings with it a different set of challenges at multiple levels. It is, therefore, the greatest need for one to co-operate with team members and create a winning strategy to fulfil team goals and objectives. This course is designed to help you build and work in a team with a positive mindset, resolve challenges through collaboration and celebrate victories in each other’s company.

Appreciating Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal relationships help us further our lives in some way. We come across different people at home, work and during leisure. Every individual gives us perspective and nudges us towards our life goals directly or indirectly. Managing interpersonal relationships require tact and conscious contribution. This course enables you to understand and appreciate relationship dynamics, learn to thrive in different setups and consciously use communication to enhance joy.

Overview of HR Processes

Human Resource is one of the key functions of any organisation. HR is your first point of contact on the day you join an organisation. The role of human resources is to help smoothen your transition to a new environment and be your guide throughout your tenure. This course enables you to understand Human Resources as a function, the various processes that form a part of it and the impact it has on your role in the organisation. It will also help you better understand your responsibilities towards Human Resources.

Managing & overcoming performance pressures

Employees are an organisation’s greatest asset. Every organisation sets various goals and objectives to increase its customer reach, market revenue, profits, goodwill and reputation. It is imperative for one to understand that while we are expected to perform at high standards, we are also subject to burnouts and lack of motivation. Employees are highly subject to stress if pressures to perform are huge. This course enables one to manage high business pressures and deadlines, manage stress and time effectively.

Building Assertiveness Skills

In the business context and personal sphere, assertiveness plays a very important role to get what you want. It aids negotiations, builds life-long relationships, become the most highly influential and builds exposure. With organisations and their changing dynamics, it is imperative that one develops strong assertiveness in thought and actions. This course is highly influential in developing skills that help you engage in meaningful relationships through assertiveness.

Strategic Brand Management

Brand Management is a huge responsibility for an organisation. Branding strategies need to be strong, carry mass appeal and position the company in a progressive way. This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of the essential role a clear strategy plays in making a brand a success. You will be able to gain techniques, learn how to plan, create and sustain a healthy brand that is driven by purpose. Only by learning to appreciate different leading brands, will you be able to gain the necessary skills to position your brand in the market strategically.

Business Etiquette & Image Management

One’s ability to project a strong, confident and capable individual takes you places. The era of globalization has changed the way corporate structure functions in a certain way. It influences the way interactions are conducted, style of working, presentation skills and overall business impact one can create. This course helps you equip yourself with global standards of behaviour and etiquette, successfully manage your environment and create an impact through a positive image management strategy.

Campus to Corporate

OThe transition from a college campus to the corporate environment can be exciting and equally nerve-jangling. This transition requires one to have a strong set of corporate etiquette, balanced behaviour, ability to create relationships, work ethics and discipline to grow through the levels in the organisation. This course will enhance your confidence and get an understanding of the appropriate attitude, behaviour and skills needed in the corporate environment. It will encourage you to ease your transition from being a student to an employee.

Change Management

Change does not happen by itself. It needs to be proactively structured and managed. Change management involves the business and people side of transformation. Implementing change can be a very challenging and time-consuming process. This course provides you with clear insights into accepting the need for a change, creating the right strategy and following through various challenges that come through during the way. It will also help you with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage and communicate change management initiatives.

Customer Service Program

We come in contact with customers for many business reasons either by selling a product or providing a service. Every customer is different and demands a different approach when dealing with them. This can happen either through face to face to communication, over a call or an email. This course will enable you to manage your interactions with customers, develop strong listening and probing skills, enhance emotional receptivity to serve customers with delight. It will instil confidence in you to create positive experiences and strengthen relationships.

Customer Interface Program

While the primary objective of a business is to increase revenue streams and profit, fostering healthy relationships with the customers is equally imperative. Each customer comes with different needs and requirements and articulating them with finesse is an art. Customers will be able to conduct business with you only when you demonstrate integrity and build trust. This course is skillfully designed to help you understand the business needs of the customer, articulate options and map it to the right solutions. This course will also help you with the techniques necessary to enhance your emotional intelligence and strengthen interpersonal skills.

Telephone and Email Etiquette

Communication plays a vital role in personal growth and influence. In the corporate environment, we deal with customers, peers and superiors over a telephone or email. It is important to communicate effectively as both the situations the focus is on voice, tone, intent and approach. The telephone and email etiquette programme enable you to understand nuances in communication, use words wisely, understand the person at the other end with empathy and compassion.

Problem Solving and Decision Making (PSDM)

Business managers and supervisors engage in problem-solving and making critical decisions on a daily basis. Most of the times when we encounter problems, we look at the time tested solutions that save us energy and time investment. Although problem-solving is of vital importance when products or processes fail or are dipping, it is also necessary to take corrective measures to prevent lapses like these to affect businesses and reputation. This course helps you identify and outline problem statements, look at multiple opportunities to solve problems and aids your decision-making skills.

Creative Thinking

Business Leaders know that creative thinking or out-of-the-box thinking helps us look at problems in a different way and come up with multiple ways of solving them. Creative thinking in the global world is the key to organisations growth and sustainability. Your ability to bring creativity in communication and business approach will get you the desired results. This course will help you excel beyond the average thinking and come up with creative solutions to business opportunities.

Diversity & Inclusion

An organization’s culture is a blend of its vision, beliefs, people, and integrity. All these elements come together through a constant flow of activities performed by people across levels. It is therefore not an HR strategy but a business initiative to ensure people from diverse cultures and beliefs become a part of the culture to aid business growth. This course helps you with a fundamental understanding of diversity in business setups and how you can make an inclusive environment to foster tolerance and understanding.

Feedback Skills

We all intuitively desire to know our progress at work. We put in the hours, engage in client interactions, work in teams, share opinions and meet business objectives on a daily basis. It is therefore essential for us to have a guided approach to our direction in the professional sphere. This course equips you with the skills to share and receive feedback through structured communication techniques. It will also help you engage in setting realistic goals and map journeys for personal growth.

Goal Setting

Setting realistic goals gives one a clear direction towards growth and purpose. In the professional and personal sphere, goal setting plays a crucial role in achieving business objectives and personal aims respectively. Our growth is directly proportionate to our ability to realistically set achievable goals and make constant efforts to achieve them. This course is designed to help you with time tested methods in setting goals and making a workable action plan. You will also be able to track your progress in this journey.

Speed reading and Mind mapping

Ever had a web of thoughts and ideas and didn’t know how to structure it? Want a strategy to read a book in a day? Remember names perhaps? Most people are unaware of the fact that you can master the art of speed reading and sharpen your mind. Most of the greatest organisations have made innovative products when their ideas were structured in a logical fashion. This course is designed to help you enhance your speed reading skills and master the art of mind mapping your ideas to completion.

Art of Selling - Pre and Post Sales skills covered

Selling a product or service is a skill. It takes a high investment of time and resources to influence prospective customers to buy your words. However, a well-prepared sales professional is confident of the products and is able to provide the appropriate product to the customer. An organization’s impact and reputation are also positively enhanced through its efficient post-sales service. This course enables you to understand customer expectations, prepare your sales pitches and polish your after sales skills.

Time Management & Result Orientation

We all know that time is the greatest resource one has. Managing time successfully gets you the desired results. Some of the greatest leaders in the world were highly successful due to their efficiency in managing time. In the rapidly changing world, understanding the value of time and being able to pick the right moment, doing things at the right time makes one successful in all areas of life. This course equips you with the relevant tools and methods to make relevant use of your time and become result oriented.

Self-defence workshop

Personal safety is of vital importance. Women in every sphere are making a mark through talent and dedication. While this is vital, it is also necessary to be prepared in circumstances that come uninvited. This workshop aims to introduce women to diverse elements of personal safety, enhance vigilance, become spontaneous in critical situations and eradicate the fear of being alone. It will also educate you on various issues around self-protection and overcome existential crisis through any situations experienced in the past.

Anger Management

Do you feel the need to lash out when someone disagrees with you? Do you feel insulted when someone ignores you? Then it’s time to take an honest look at your emotions! Anger is one’s greatest nemesis as it leads to a series of problems. We all come across different types of situations each day and how we respond to situations is within our reach. This course enables you to assess your inner resources and strengthen them through a thorough understanding of events and situations. It will help you manage your responses to situations and deal with them with maturity.

Logical and Analytical Thinking

Organisations are now shifting their innovations not only based on creative reach but also on the basis of logic and analysis that can fetch them worldwide recognition. It is therefore expected for one to have a combination of creativity, logic and analysis while creating products or presenting solutions. This requires ones to visualize, articulate and get a fundamental understanding of business drivers. This course introduces you to theories to develop your analytical skills, practice questioning and listening skills, develop intuitiveness and become an effective team player.

Team Building - Inbound and Outbound

Business targets are usually vast and diverse. In order to achieve these objectives, not only does one need competence but also the ability to work with people in the same team or different teams involving diverse talent. Working with a wide range of people successfully is a sign of a team player. The team building course is skillfully designed to help you enhance trust, coordination, communication and collaboration through a range of activities. This programme offers an experience to have fun and at the same time create a bonding experience with your fellow colleagues.

Call Center Training, BPO and ITES Training

With a lot of international businesses outsourcing back-office operations, there is a high demand for people to interact with global clients on calls and deal with operational activities. One needs to have strong competence to communicate effectively, understand language nuances and meet optimum levels of service. This course helps you understand the call centre, BPO and ITES business environment, expectations, processes and operational responsibilities. At the end of the course, you will be able to map your career journey and gain a first-hand understanding of business expectations.

Grammar Skills

Whether it is written or spoken English, elements and nuances of Grammar need to be expressed with clarity and precision. This course is designed for you to consciously use language appropriately in communication and become mindful in the usage of sentences. If the idea of writing or speaking confidently intimidates you, then this course is carefully designed for you to have fun while you master Grammar skills and enhance your overall communication capacities.

Chat & E-mail Etiquette

Communication is not only restricted to the ability to speak but also in the ability to write with flair. In today’s ever-changing world, technology in its many forms provides a medium for people to express their thoughts, present ideas, provide information or ask questions. It is imperative for one to understand the use of language, maintain professionalism and interact with maturity while using chat functions or in email communication. This course will help you understand the technology and its impact on people and know how to communicate with care and precision.

Conference Call Etiquette

Managing a conference call requires a skill. A conference call may involve more than 3 members participating for a discussion and requires a moderator to lead the call and bring it to conclusion successfully. This course is designed to help you understand the nuances of managing a call, managing conversations, handle critical escalations, intervene at the right time and conclude it with finesse. The course will enhance your confidence, help you strengthen your voice in communication and manage the flow of conversations with ease.

Motivating at Work

Employee motivation plays a very important role in workplace productivity and peak performance. Workplace stress can be a huge deterrent that can lead to attrition and increased absenteeism. It is imperative to understand if time management is a challenge or a lack of resources. This course helps you understand workplace motivation and challenges in achieving results when one is stressed. This will also help you manage your time, skills in delegating effectively and increase focus by prioritizing tasks.

Stress Management

In today’s fast-paced world, workplace demands can be overwhelming. Long working hours, limited breaks, continuous calls and meetings with customers coupled with increasing demands in the personal sphere can lead to severe stress followed by burnout. Managing stress requires a high amount of self-awareness and discipline. This course enables you to identify your stress indicators, understand boundaries and learn to manage your time effectively. It will also help you with tools to manage your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Body Language

It takes a few minutes to make or break an impression! This is evident in every situation one is exposed to. A strong and confident body language can attract positive attention, come across as approachable and improve social reach. This course is designed to understand the elements of an appropriate body language, enhance confidence in social interactions, use body language effectively for networking reasons. This will also help you evaluate social and business situations and use them to create opportunities in building relationships.

Personality Development

A confident personality helps you manage social situations with ease. Some of the greatest leaders were able to leave a mark in their world through their personality and influence. Investing in developing a pleasing personality, usage of communication skills and social intelligence helps one create influence and authority. This course is designed to help you understand your personality and how you can use it effectively in social and business situations.

Influencing skills

We interact with very different sets of people for all our needs. Whether it is for personal reasons or professional purposes, we tend to influence people around us through our thoughts, actions and opinions. This course is designed to help you understand people and situations with finesse and use your communication skills to create and maintain an impact through influence. This course will also help you know the challenges in influencing people and using the right approach to communication.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Workplace safety is of prime importance to every growing organisation. Every employee must feel safe and secure in their work environment that is necessary for peak performance and retention. This course will help you understand workplace harassment and its various forms that adversely affect employee well-being. You will also be able to enhance your understanding of the laws of the land and channels and forums to voice your experiences.

Workplace Bias

We make a lot of decisions based on what we instantly feel is right. In the same way, people around us harbour certain perceptions and mindsets that influence their decisions and interactions. Biases are not just restricted to individuals but also at an organizational level. Navigating through these biases require tact, reading between the lines and then presenting thoughts. This course is designed to help you get insights into workplace bias and learn to become more inclusive.

The Art of Delegation

Responsibilities in the professional sphere tend to expand as we get exposed to multiple projects. Executives who manage multiple projects and people understand the art and importance of delegation. They are highly skilled to balance high work pressures but also understand the importance of cascading responsibilities to develop team members and empower them with challenges. This course will enable you to understand how delegation can help you take a strategic view of your projects and empower team members in their work.

Digitization : Journey in the business world

Digitization in the world has had a great impact across the globe. From data protection to global advertising, the digital world is a boom in the business sector. Digitization has facilitated strong partnerships across organisations and sectors throughout the globe enabling stronger economic relations and technological advances. This course will expose you to current and future trends in the digitization industry and enable you to explore various essentials of the digital world. This course will also help you look for innovations and developments and capitalize on them successfully.

Artificial Intelligence : Making technology work for you

Artificial intelligence is defining advanced software solutions for the upcoming generations. While AI can be used for different purposes, this course will help you understand how to make technology work for you than the vice-versa. It will facilitate high end learning to know how various organisations have benefitted from becoming AI rich. You will also learn in detail the applications of AI across different industries and sectors.

WE>ME : The Leadership Transformation

Interdepartmental relationships stay fragile and can be worked out when leaders are directed towards self-awareness, using aspects of Emotional Intelligence. The pressure of the market/trends, communication and the stress of on-going business creates an atmosphere of chaotic conflicts within departments of an organization. Great working partnerships are a result of team collaboration, planning, influencing skills, strategic visioning and team bonding. This highly interactive workshop is designed specifically for the next generation leaders, who are instrumental in sustaining the competitive advantage and achieving business growth over the long term.