An experiential offsite training program for better stress management, self-esteem, and techniques for staying positive at work.

Managing Stress, staying positive at work and developing one’s self-esteem are three important building blocks to sustaining a healthy mindset.  Participants will understand what stress is all about, why it happens to them and what they can do to minimize or reduce it.  The program helps participants to select goals and methods they can use to combat stress, get renewed and refreshed so that they are able to tackle new challenges in the workplace.

Suited for Leaders, managers and change executives interested in a sustainable approach to stress management and its implementation at the workplace.

Available in a 2 day Residential and non-residential format
  • Understand the length and breadth of stress and what is burnout.
  • Learn to identify signs of stress and its sources in you and the environment
  • See the value of tasks that energize you and acting from your strengths
  • Setting and honouring your own boundaries
  • Identify the negative feedback loop and how it leads to Self-Sabotage
  • Determine a Treatment Regime
  • Eliminating Stress from the Physical Environment
  • 3 categories of Techniques for Handling Stress
  • Understanding Food and Stress
  • Encourage a culture of balance with Leadership Styles that promote Employee Work-Life Balance

Stress, Burnout and Stress Management:

  • What is stress? When does it help you be more productive and when is it counterproductive?
  • Recognize the symptoms of stress in you and the people around you.
  • Stress and burnout
  • Real life signs of stress: Facts about your physiological health and stress
  • The benefits of work-life balance
  • Self-Reflection Activity: What is your Work Life Balance quotient?

Work’s contribution to a better Work-Life Balance:

  • What are your HVT’s and LVT’s1?
  • Understand where you are focusing a majority of your time and energy
  • Learn a prioritizing technique that ensures fulfilment.
  • Learn techniques of recharging while on the job

Approaches to Stress Management and Enhanced Work-Life Balance

  • Learn assertiveness and other Action-driven approaches to setting and honouring your own boundaries
  • Deep dive into your psyche with guided processes to uncover the emotional sources of your stress.
  • Visit the landscape of your personality with guided practice.
  • Respect and honour the origin of different sub-personalities that form the undercurrent of your daily actions and obligations
  • Become more aware and in charge of your actions with Emotion-Management Approaches
  • Acceptance Approach to Conflicts both internal and external and how to get better at decision making
  1. Workshop Approach: This workshop is a highly experiential workshop with an Offsite and Onsite model. Its design also includes a residential format in a serene and stress-free environment that enhances the impact of the learning
  • Simulation-based activities, Reflection Activities, Guided introspection processes, Instructor-led sessions,Video-based learning, Group learning discussions, Stress Reduction Exercises and activities.