Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the profound courses of self-development. Whether you are new to the NLP term or have heard it before, NLP will assure you a change in perspective towards yourself and your environment. This journey will introduce you to brain functionalities, mental capacities, emotions and the language you use to communicate in your routines. This course is meant to enhance personal effectiveness quotient to lead successful lives.

The course is carefully designed for everyone who intends to improve their communication skills, who wish to become life coaches, and for the ones who wish to enhance their life choices.  

2-day comprehensive workshop
  • Know dynamics in people engagements 
  • Review our brain patterns and their impact on communication
  • Understand various sensory responses
  • Know how relationships impact emotional stability
  • Understand the use or precision questioning technique
  • Learn how to build relationships based on positivity

NLP: The Introduction

  • Get introduced to concepts of NLP 
  • Know how NLP affects various areas of life
  • Understand how NLP can transform life choices
  • Get exposed to communication models 
  • Know how to secure the right outcomes

Sensory Awareness

  • Know and assess sensory functions
  • Learn the art of building awareness of senses
  • Understand elements of language in sensory awareness
  • Know how senses help us learn effectively
  • Evaluate how awareness builds intuition

Understanding Submodalities

  • Understand the effects of submodalities 
  • Know what drives our motivations and fears 
  • Assess changing beliefs and how to balance them
  • Know how to turn negative patterns into positive ones  
  • Know how to resolve emotional challenges

Building Rapport

  • Understand the concept of Matching and also Mirroring 
  • Know how to pace and lead in interactions 
  • Learn what it takes to enhance interactions 
  • Harness the principles of body language 
  • Understand the dynamics of a group setting


  • Know how NLP is programmed for better results 
  • Learn multiple strategies that can be used in different situations
  • Scope out designing and implementation of strategies
  • Understand how to negotiate in varied situations
  • Harness questioning abilities with different people
Interactive, case studies, activities and group involvement