Have you felt like you are running short of ideas? Do you constantly feel you have limited options? We often look for obvious solutions. We look for methods that are tried, tested and proven successful. Many times, methods that are conventional in nature do not prove to be the appropriate one for every situation or problem. That is when Radical Thinking approach is called for. This course takes a deep understanding into critical problem scenarios and attempts to solve them with a modern approach.

The course is carefully designed for all professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone constantly involved in a situation that demands quick thinking and decision making.
1-day comprehensive workshop
  • Know how to evaluate products and solutions with novelty
  • Review and form an innovation group that promotes radical thinking
  • Periodically evaluate processes and products to meet the changing environment
  • Approach critical challenges in other business functions with objectivity
  • Know how to harness the inevitable
  • Understand how to prevent unwanted situations

Diving Into the Deep Status Quo Identification Skill: The Art of Smart Questions

  • Introduction to the concept of radical thinking
  • Know how to get to the root of the issue or problem scenario
  • Develop awareness about myriad factors
  • Identify opportunities while working on challenging areas
  • Promote radical thinking as a culture

10X Product Challenge

  • Know how to design a cutting edge product
  • Learn the core design elements that build a strong product line
  • Understand elements of designing a product / service
  • Learn how to make brand it as a signature product
  • Know how to present the product to its customers 

TimeLine Thinking - (Future, Past Progression) 

  • Understand natural progression that aid solutions
  • Know how timelines help in forecasting
  • Assess the progress of a product and steadiness
  • Create transformational tools that aid progression 
  • Keep a track of timeless at every step to avoid pitfalls

Analogical Thinking

  • Understand the use of concepts that evaluate a situation differently
  • Evaluate current processes that aid solutions
  • Assess creative potential among team members 
  • Learn to create an avenue for ideation and constructive debate
  • Know how analogical thinking and multiple perspectives to aid decision making

Controversial Thinking

  • Understand the framework of controversial ideas
  • Know how to challenge obvious solutions and look for creativity
  • Scope out assimilated learnings through previous exposures
  • Understand the current scenario and look for avenues to improvement
  • Encourage controversial thinking to generate multiple ideas
Interactive, case studies, activities and group involvement