Innovation, Creativity, Empathy, Dignity, Charisma, Inspiring, Executive Presence are some of the main Asks of a Leader in this age. Traditional Content-based learning can be effective in transferring knowledge, concepts and models. But what if there was another way? A way for participants to take an Express Route that is 100% engaging and high on its promise of learning!

Welcome the Leadership Through Theatre Bouquet.

The stage has been set, the curtains rise and leaders are thrown into action as they navigate their ways through scenarios, each designed to teach leadership qualities ranging from Planning and Execution to Communicating with connecting, generating enthusiasm, building team spirit, Inclusion, Empathy and Creativity. One way of uncovering these traits in leaders is through theatre-based learning which can be transformative in nature.

Why theatre? You Ask.

An organization can have a lot more in common than you think. Both have a network of characters, personalities and roles that work with or against each other to bring about a final curtain call whether exhilarating or tragic. They always have to combine multiple talents, have a vision or worldview, and no matter what the dynamics, at the end of the day they both involve teamwork. Theatre embraces the problem, fosters questioning and tries to communicate creatively, bringing about changes in perspective and that makes for a highly engaging a subtle approach to learning the skills it takes to run an organization of people with their own roles and agendas.

At Kaleidoscope Consulting, Our Leadership Through Team Theatre is a bouquet of Leadership Solutions covering a vast array of leadership skills that are delivered through the mediums of Improvisation Theatre, Pair Story-making, the use of sound and light, random ideas, varying tempo, music and dance therapy and the other formats of learning tools.

The theatre is a stage or a magical place where unlike the real world you have the freedom to experiment and do what you want. This course is appropriate for all levels of leaders.

If you want to be bolder, confident, improve your memory and your levels of physical fitness this is the workshop for you. The theatre is exactly for the faint of heart as it makes you expressive and own every cell of what makes you, you.

On a team management front, it ups your Emotional Quotient with higher levels of empathy and compassion, opens up your world view, makes you a team player, makes your presence felt and your creativity shoots sky high. So think again before you shy away from this option or think that this is not what our leaders want?

1 Day In-Company Training Course
  • Creating the Team for Action - Exercises Include - Breathing, body awareness, pacing and contact.
  • Creating the Vision for Execution - Personal Journeys and Story-telling
  • Creating the Structure for Team Performance – Role definition and role assignment
  • Reinforcing the fact that "Winning should be a habit" and ‘Nothing is Impossible”
  • Learning High Performance Through Theatre - Experiential Coaching tools, Mirror Reflections & Impromptu role-playing
  • Implement Big Picture Thinking - Premiere Show

As its very name suggests, the course is entirely activity based.  Participants improve their powers of observation and perceive each other in a new light as well as discover hidden aspects of personality that often lie dormant in a working scenario.

Lead a Project from A to Z:

  • Visualize, plan, produce and direct a play for performance.
  • This would require not just one plan but many viable options, zeroing in on one, finetuning it and seeing it to completion.
  • Deep dive and understand your inner lighthouse. Your very own Value-Based Leadership Model
  • Reflect on your decision-making style and learn a situational approach to choosing the right style.
  • Execute with creativity for an audacious outcome

Manage Dynamic People Effectively:

  • Choose characters to fit into the roles through auditions and hire technical staff basis the brief you have been assigned.
  • Get the right help for backstage and frontstage, distribute tasks and ensure cooperation and working together during the performance phase
  • Develop your leadership communication skills
  • Grow commitment and a collaborative culture
  • “Ok, so you 2 are not the same” Adapt your approach to each set of unique traits
  • Learn the multi-faceted Inner Landscape of your Team Members and You!

Take Responsibility and Ensure Accountability:

  • Get Feedback on your leadership style
  • Be responsible for the quality of your production, be accountable to stakeholders, deal with glitches, reduce stressful working conditions for your team and ensure the smooth running of the program
  • Invest yourself in personally ensuring your team members improvement with compassionate feedback
  • Develop your compassionate side by showing respect for others needs and thoughts

Implement Big Picture Thinking

  • Believe in your message, your ability to communicate it and promote that vision to your audience.
  • Articulate a vision that inspires
  • Practice the elements of stage presence: Centering yourself, emoting with your voice and face
  • Its Show Time: What to do when you are called upon. How to deal with nerves?
  • Understand the principles of Strategic Execution.

Workshop Approach: Improvisation Theatre, Pair Story-making, creative use of physical props, play with light, sound, silence and movement, dance and sound therapy, feedback, the group story evolution, Cycles of Practice- Coaching- Refining, Plot Bending, Videos and group discussions.