Customers always expect to be treated with respect and courteous attitude in business. In addition, they also look for good values. While these are fundamental expectations, most companies are satisfied with these fundamental expectations. Levels of excellence in customer service need to evolve with the changing business climate. 

  • So, how can you wow your customer?
  • How can you put your customer first?

By knowing what you can do for them!

Expectations differ from one business to the other and from one product or service to the other. This course will help you understand the fundamental expectations of the customer and how can you deliver standards of excellence that create a “wow” experience.

This course is suitable for the ones who deal with internal and various other external customers through multiple channels of communication. This is also suitable for people looking to enhance their global standards of service excellence 

4 Hours and 8 Hours format available
  • Acknowledge and appreciate the impact of great service on business growth
  • Learn how to greet customers with enthusiasm and connect with them
  • Understand the importance of taking ownership of customer experience
  • Know techniques of dealing with multiple behaviour styles 
  • Use modes of communication effectively
  • Make the customer feel that they are in safe hands

What is Customer First Culture?

  • Understand what it takes to create Customer Culture
  • What affects the customer’s business decisions?
  • Learn everyone’s role in customer service
  • Understand financial impact if you lose a customer
  • Identify what is in it for you

Service Delight

  • Understand who your customers are 
  • Design frameworks to increase service delight 
  • Get employee commitment to practice service excellence
  • Build a culture with an intent to excel at customer service 
  • Build multiple channels for customer communication

Customer Feedback

  • Understand what makes a customer happy and unhappy 
  • Know the role of first and last impressions  
  • Design best practices to monitor and action customer feedback
  • Building interactions with customers on improvements made on their feedback
  • Identify ways to appreciate customer’s intent to share feedback

Facing the Customer

  • Learn grooming standards that carry an organisational reputation
  • Polish attitude and communication to build your personal image
  • Use multiple communication modes to interact with customers with poise
  • Know what will impress customers and what will not
  • Ensure thorough product knowledge to address customer queries

 Interactive, case studies, activities and group discussions