"Customer satisfaction is worthless, Customer loyalty is priceless" - Jeff Gitomer

 Providing Customer Service appropriately, whether it is internal or external is crucial for Businesses. Managing a relationship requires employees to be vigilant to evolving needs, aware of challenges as they come up.

 This course is full of best practices that will enable organisations to curate customer-centric processes. This course will help you secure customers and build loyalty.  

This course is suitable for supervisors, managers, leaders and professionals who wish to design and implement a customer lifecycle. This course is designed to help you drive a focused approach towards customer satisfaction.
2-days comprehensive workshop
  • Design your role in achieving ‘differentiated customer excellence’ 
  • Curate and share customers’ expectations
  • Evaluate the pitfalls of customer service 
  • Know the relationship to strong communication abilities
  • Tackle customer objections with success 
  • Showcase an upbeat customer-focused approach 
  • Deliver optimum service excellence every time

What is an exceptional Customer Experience?

  • Familiarize with the internal and external customer service teams 
  • Curate your impressions about customer perceptions 
  • Build a strong 'brand' identification

Classifying Customer Expectations

  • Know why customers expect exceptional service standards 
  • Understand the reasons for complaints from customers
  • Challenges to clear communication 
  • Get it right always!

The Customer Service Process

  • Essential steps to meeting expectations
  • Curate a detailed process
  • Think like a customer to bring good results
  • Identifying value addition

A 360° View of Your Organization

  • Getting everything right - Process, Product, Value and Relationships 
  • Understand the customer life cycle to create a great experience
  • Know the seven steps of exceptional performance 

You’ll Never Believe what they said!

  • Learn best practices – right words to use 
  • Saying 'no' with empathy
  • Learn from mistakes and pitfalls

Building Customer Relationships that lead to Loyalty

  • Learn relationships and customer management
  • Know to set performance standards and measurable

‘Touchpoint’ Management

  • Identify customers’ needs, levers and values 
  • Measure results and set parameters 
  • Identify why results matter

Personal Application Plan

  • Plan a change to evolve in the business climate
  • Using the ‘blueprint’ for business success
Interactive, case studies, activities and group discussions