Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it. – Peter Drucker

Customer Leadership Interface Program (CLIP) gives you time tested possibilities for developing and enhancing customer focus and quality of service across your organization. This program shares a way of thought process that can enable people to reach beyond levels of satisfaction. If you are serious about making Customer Focus a greater advantage in your business, this program is recommended. This two days highly experiential workshop includes the right balance of facilitation, individual and group activities, discussions and exercises. 

CLIP is intentionally curated for Executive, Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders who are responsible for creating a customer-focused service environment. 

2-days comprehensive workshop
  • Define and understand Customer Centricity
  • Distinguish your business with Superior Customer Service
  • Dealing with different customer styles 
  • Structure learning experiences to demonstrate Effective Communication in Client Interaction
  • Develop skills to Align the Solution towards successful completion
  • Implement the learning's through an Experience 
  • Collaborate and work with others with a win-win mindset
  • Understand and practice non-violent communication and treat others emphatically
  • Relationship Coaching - tools for leading themselves & their team members

Be:  A Customer-Centric Organization – Making this a part of your DNA

  • Why are you here? What is your Leadership Style?
  • The role of channelizing feedback in becoming a strong business
  • Develop an external  perspective
  • Stay current with information; make it a priority to understand the ever-changing external market
  • Develop a network outside of your company with individuals in other industries and geographies to enhance your thinking
  • Envision yourself from outward (3rd party) perspective on how customers, competitors, and partners view your organization. Do a similar activity for your role, team, and line of business

Know: Your Stakeholders – CRM Skills

  • Who are your stakeholders?
  • How to manage your stakeholder expectations?
  • Distinguish your business with Superior Customer Service
  • Structure learning experiences to demonstrate Effective Communication in Client Interaction
  • Avoiding Common Pitfalls of relationship management

Distinguish your Business with Exceptional Customer Service 

  • Discuss your current moments of Truth & how we can create moments of Magic through them
  • Learn the Customer Credibility Sequence
  • Customer Advocacy and learn the 3 levels of Client Engagements
  • How to accommodate your Leadership Style.
  • How to blend your communication with different personality styles
  • Understand and practice the “CARES” Framework to Customer Enthusiasm
  • Learn steps to Plan & Execute Strategies for Customer Satisfaction

Do: Relationship Coaching

  • What is Leadership Coaching?
  • Delegation
  • Ways to give negative Feedback
  • How to correct poor behaviour & attitudinal issues?
  • How to separate fact from emotion?
  • Performance Discussion
  • Reach constructive solutions
  • Develop Action Plans

Interactive, case studies, activities and group discussions

Follow-up Conference Call with Participants

The Kaleidoscope faculty will initiate in a group coaching call with the participant's 30-days after the program. The intent of this discussion is to ensure participants are working on their Personal Action Plan and to clarify any issues that arose once they returned to work. This platform also gives participants an opportunity to ask questions and monitor their development against others.