Merely serving customers is not always enough! This workshop gives all participants a keen insight into different customer behaviours, tried and tested tools, and easy skills for creating a lasting impact in relationships, and repeat positive interactions. This engagement introduces key skills and practices for establishing strong positive working relationships with all your customers. Based on a blend of proven customer service techniques and core insights into customer relationship management, this one day workshop helps service providers manage better and meet expectations, read and respond to potential issues, and deal with challenging situations and challenging people.

This focused, practical engagement is designed for all professionals who interact with internal and external clients over e-mail, telephone and personal conversations globally.

  • Identify each person’s role and influence
  • Identify, appreciate and develop cultural balance
  • Lead an organisation wide customer focused framework
  • Manage complaints to create a long-lasting bond with customers
  • Respond to the emotions of customers and suggest solutions
  • View challenges from the customer’s perspective and get insight into their concerns with the intent on service and quality
  • Set high-performance standards
  • Service styles and service expectations
  • Positioning yourself as a positive solution provider
  • Saying no without creating conflict
  • The solutions mentality - when 'no' isn't an option

Customer Service Fundamentals

  • Outline customer service essentials in business
  • Know said and unsaid expectations from customers
  • Get committed to strengthening optimum customer service 
  • Evaluate ways to create positive first impressions
  • Create ways to leave a lasting impression

Setting Performance Standards

  • Know how to create channels of expression for customers
  • Learn to maintain a track of customer feedback
  • Use the right words to communicate effectively
  • Become solution oriented
  • Create avenues for casual interactions 

Managing Complaints 

  • Learn to create routes for customers to express displeasure
  • Know how to listen and acknowledge feedback
  • Communicate with empathy and compassion
  • Know techniques to take ownership
  • Understand how to resolve the problem keeping turnaround time in mind

Coping with Stress

  • Understand multiple levels of stress that affect client interactions 
  • Know how to take preventive steps to deal with stress
  • Use non-verbal gestures to convey your message effectively
  • Learn to avoid stress in difficult situations with customers
  • Know how empathy can reduce difficulties in communication

Optional - Assessment Methodology Available 

We use the industry standards of the Kirkpatrick Model to evaluate learning, besides our own Success Case Methodologies. We guarantee Level 1 results as 4 out of 5. At the end of this workshop, our Kaleidoscope Coach will conduct Post Training Effectiveness assessments divided into 3 levels.

Level 1 – Measure Reaction – Held at the end of our training intervention

  • Training Feedback Report
  • Subjective Feedback from Participants

Level 2 – Measure Learning & Behavior - Held after 15 days of completion of the training program.

  • Assessment closely related to learning objectives
  • Assessment designed around relevant performance scenarios with specific key performance indicators

Level 3 – Measure Results - This is held anytime after completing 45 days post the training delivery to check on the implementation of skills. We call it the “Training Impact” and is designed and implemented in collaboration with Client