Who We Are

Kaleidoscope Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic Learning & Development and Performance Consulting firm that enables your organization to improve its business performance by developing your most valuable asset - your people! We work with clients globally to provide robustly customised and innovative solutions. We imbibe a targeted approach to performance and talent management solutions through our consulting engagements that are efficient, implementable and research-based.

Since our inception in 2010, Kaleidoscope Consulting has developed multi-dimensional facets in the Organizational Development and Consulting sphere. Our registered office is in Mumbai with headquarters being in Bangalore with branch offices PAN India. Our international office is located in Melbourne, Australia. We also carry a strong presence in the UAE and other APAC regions and deliver customised work for our clients in these regions.

What We Do

Our passion is to make a visible difference! We design learning journeys in Management and Leadership dimensions keeping in mind your organisation’s strategy and vision. Our programs are curated and implemented with high-end brilliance including latest industry insights to provide an optimum learning experience. Our offerings include customised interventions in the field of Human Resources, Learning & Organisational Development at the individual, group and organisational level. We help create the right “Perspective” on your toughest decisions, Corporate Leadership & Value Creation, Relationships at the highest levels, Evidence-based insights, Employee Value Proposition.

Based on the science, art and experience of human capability development we aim to create an exceptional enterprise-wide viewpoint that equips business leaders to "be" in the present, "foresee" the future and strategize for a better tomorrow. We are driven by the need to create programs using evidence-based concepts, theories and learning approach with the flexibility to meet the changing needs of our customers’ businesses. 

Through our empanelled expert Coaches, Consultants, Trainers and Facilitators, we provide concepts driven content, easy to use and engaging platform and personalised learning journeys for every learner.


Our Vision

Our Vision - Our passion is to make you passionate at what you do!’ This simple little statement fuels our strategy and decisions every day.  We spend approximately 32% of our day at work and enjoying what you do is the core essence.  When our role is challenging, invigorating and creative we have the ideal conditions for success.  Studies prove that a positive, dynamic work environment is vital for business success. This is where we feature in.  We thrive to enhance your work culture! The two facets of our philosophy are reflected in our name, Kaleidoscope Consulting - evolving a Learning Architecture that enables a wide array of Behavioral & Transformational Change.

Our corporate logo is a key element of the Kaleidoscope identity. It denotes both a "K" and a "C".  The letter “K” when put inside a kaleidoscope and turned, symbolizes a multiplicity of directions and a myriad of possibilities, the permutations and combinations are manifold and mind-boggling, the patterns are ever old yet ever new. The outer Circle or the letter "C" stands for Consulting; encompassing the learning we provide to open your mind to these opportunities.

Our Values

INTEGRITY - Honesty and transparency is the hallmark of all our dealings with our stakeholders.  We do not compromise on research findings and remain true to our convictions

INNOVATION - We thrive on promoting a culture of innovation by fostering on-going learning among our employees, increasing our knowledge base, and advancing new ideas and concepts; thereby creating a value add for our clients and society

COLLABORATION - We believe in the power of Collaboration – teaming together to create new products and services which can be brought about through shared thought and mutual action. Collaboration is the powerhouse to valued ventures and groundbreaking solutions

OPENNESS - In pursuing our ideal of building good relationships with our stakeholders we create a working environment where there is openness.  This is characterized by an environment that is sustainable, bias-free and one that has diversity and inclusion as its underlying foundation stimulating the development of inspired ideas and services

RELEVANCE - We aspire to be relevant in a changing world 

Our clients have attributed significant results to our courses, such as 18% increase in deal sizes, a 70% increase in pipeline and 40% more appointments with key decision makers. We are confident we can help you achieve such outcomes.


Our Strengths

Kaleidoscope Consulting Pvt. Ltd. unlocks opportunities for clients to make breakthroughs - going beyond what they thought was possible, to align their 'thinking beyond learning' and to use learning to produce a momentum accelerating change and defining a progressive life for individuals, teams and organizations. Our strength lies in offering solutions to every need of your organisation with a complete focus on execution. 

Experiential - Thinking by questioning, discovering rather than being taught, being enlightened rather than merely accumulating knowledge; our workshops come with a 70-30 blend, dedicating 70% of the time to experiential learning and 30% to theory. All theory is backed by practical applications and is measured to check enhancements.

Customized - Case studies, Role-Plays, Simulations and Exercises are adapted and created in active collaboration with participants.

Content Rich but not heavy - Despite the relaxed tone of our workshops, participants get insights into solid concepts intermingled with practical skills, all backed with substantial research in the behavioural sciences and disseminating relevant insights.

Simulations and Games - As learning partners, we do not believe in simply talking down to participants but act as catalysts enabling learners to actively contribute towards their own learning through Gamified approaches and many fun activities.

Experience our holistic approach to HR & Learning solutions

A secure place for employees to explore, learn and transform

Contribute to building a 21st Century Workforce

Customized courses characterized by creativity

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